FODDER #1 Available Now!



TWMC independently publishes comic books and art created by yours truly, T.W. Massey. The material I create is geared for adults primarily or at the very least, highly advanced teenagers (not for the little ones). Currently, we have released two comic book series to date. Our first series is called "G" and issues 1-3 are available in print and digital. And our second more recent series "Fodder" was released in May 2023. Issue 1 is now available in print or digital as well. Aside from comics we also create a lot of original art and fan art. Those come in the form of commissions, sketch covers, prints, sketch cards and more. Feel free to drop me a line anytime on social or here on the site. We thank you for giving us a little bit of your time and stopping by the site to show your support. We hope you continue to enjoy the art that  we love creating. 



TW Massey is an American cinematographer and cinephile turned comic book writer and artist. Since the early age of five TW wanted to tell stories. Then girls and adolescent shenanigans took priority and the dream slipped away into a deep slumber, remaining dormant with a slow heart beat. As TW continued to enjoy comics from a far and a love for filmmaking and music took over in his teens, reality set in and pressure to focus on a career took center stage. It wasn't until years later that the dream was reborn thanks to the maestro himself, Mr. Todd McFarlane. TW was working on a documentary series for the SyFy channel that was focused on Todd, his legacy and the 300th issue of Spawn. It was during this production that Todd's inspiring words spoke to TW and said to get off his ass and just make a goddamn book! So... he did. And now TW has embarked on a journey down the rabbit hole abyss that is comic books with no discernible way of crawling his way out. Along for the ride is his trusty partner in crime, Mia Senese. Mia helps out with the comic books, providing much needed feedback and coloring the flats on every page. She is a very important asset to our small team.